“I love you super much.”

My fave 5-yr-old, Madeline

My fave 5-yr-old, Madeline

It doesn’t get much better than a voicemail from a 5-year-old.  Madeline, my college bff Deb’s daughter, left a message yesterday that I have listened to at least 5 times because it makes me smile over and over again.  How sweet is this:

“Hi, Jenn Jenn.  This is Madeline and I weally want to talk to you to ask you something.  Someday I’ll send you another sweet message like I am doing right now.  And, I love you super much!   I hope I get to see you real soon.  Then I’ll bring you a big present for you because you are so special.  I love you.  Bye.” (Her “r’s” still sound like “w’s” making this sound even cuter.)

And, yes, I am completely wrapped around her finger.  I will do anything she wants.  On a recent trip to Dallas, she turned her bedroom into a dark, dance club, where she and I danced our booties off to the High School Musical 3 soundtrack until we were exhausted and sweaty.  True story.


3 thoughts on ““I love you super much.”

  1. Really? Here is the message I received from the same adorable Maddie:
    “Mama, she isn’t there either!”
    “Really? What is wrong with these crazy women? Let’s call Scoobie – he’ll answer!”
    I want presents! I want “supah sweet”!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I should be sure & watch when that sucker hangs up 🙂 we love you all…..Scoob just gets extra credit for picking up the phone the most…I’m one to talk – we still think you are supah sweet Cha. and Jenn Jenn – love to you both, deb

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