Operation Doña

If you live in Austin, you’ve most likely been to Taco Deli and had theirtacodeli spicy, lime-green-colored, habañero sauce — the Doña sauce?  We have a weakness for it in our house and have found that it makes a great marinade for pork tenderloin.  We needed a fix for our Super Bowl fixin’s. 

We decided to embrace our inner Austinites and bike to/from Taco Deli for breakfast and Operation Doña (getting sauce for our marinade) with the 13-mile ride round-trip.  For real cyclists like Scooby and his friends, that’s nothing.  For me, who gets on a bike once every few months (sometimes years), who ran 14 miles yesterday, and really shouldn’t be adding new activities while I’m tapering for the marathon (after months of serious mileage), it’s a lot.  Did I mention that it was also along some busy roads, like the 183 feeder road?!  (Please don’t tell my coach.)

It was fun.  It was a beautiful day to rekindle an interest in cycling.  (I had long since decided it wasn’t for me.)  I let go of the need to accomplish the mission most efficiently (in the least amount of time possible) . . . and enjoy our adventure, which easily took 2-3x as long.  But at the same time, I did get to get to go 2-3x the speed I could running. 

P.S. (Operation Doña was a success.  The pork tenderloin was delicious. Now if we can just convince them to start selling it by the jar.)


One thought on “Operation Doña

  1. 1. Ditto on the sauce. It’s my not-so-secret ingredient in chicken enchiladas.
    2. At least you have speeds on your bike. Imagine trying that on a cruiser. Live to Ride!

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