CrossFit Challenge

CrossFitOur super-fit CrossFit trainer, Alex Janss, has set up a challenge for our bootcamp crew for the next month — today through Thurs., Sept. 10. She took body measurements and body fat %, then we did a benchmark workout for time. She’ll monitor our food logs and give us input, and will give us an extra CrossFit strength workout and one addl. running workout to incorporate into each week. At the end, the person with the fastest time and the person with the most inches and body fat lost will win a prize. So, it begins. . .

Today’s workout started with our usual warm-up: high-knees, down-low’s, jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, twists, lunges, punter kicks and ladder drills. Then, the benchmark workout began:
– .5 mi. run (Texas Crew to Congress and back)
– 25 Med. ball lifts (can’t remember the proper name of this one)
– 25 Med. ball cleans
– 25 box jumps/step ups
– 25 push ups
– 25 crunches
– .5 mi. run

My time was 21:12. It wasn’t the best or the worst, but lots of room for improvement. I started doing CrossFit a few months ago as cross-training while I was injured and unable to run. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger and am hoping that continuing to build strength and agility will help me get to New York injury-free. My goals for the challenge are:
1) Reduce body fat by 3%.
2) Reduce my time at end-of-challenge benchmark workout.
3) Complete 3 CrossFit workouts/week for the next month.
4) “Clean” eating with only 1 splurge/week for the next 4 weeks.

There it is in writing. Now I have to make it happen. : )


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