New Year, New Goals

I apologize, but I am a lapsed blogger. A lot has happened since my last post:
* Laura and I have been coaching a beginner’s Half-Marathon training group since Sept. 22 of our runners ran 3M and approx. 28 are running the Austin Half Marathon. We are extremely proud of them.
* I rebounded from injury and ran the New York Marathon in November with my sweet friend, Laura (her FIRST marathon!)
* 2 weeks after New York, I set a new half-marathon PR of 2:08 in San Antonio (and so did Scott!)
* I joined the Team Rogue training group right after the San Antonio Half.
* Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s went by in a blur and I hate to admit I let my weight get a little out of control during this time.
* I started fresh Jan. 4 with a renewed commitment to eating clean and sticking to my demanding workout schedule of approx. 60 miles/week of running and at least 2 CrossFit workouts for core/strength-training, with the hopes of sprinkling in a yoga class or two when I can.
* I was part of a major product launch releasing LabVIEW Robotics to the world on Jan. 11.
* I set a goal to lose 8 lbs. by 3M in order to run a better race and achieved it, down 8.4 lbs. and setting a new PR of 1:57, the first time I’ve ever broken 2 hours, and averaging 8:55/mi. (Again, Scott also set a new PR too as did many of our friends, which made for a great day!)

Now, somehow it’s already February and I have new goals to tackle:
* Train consistently with Team Rogue, averaging 60 miles/week. The program is demanding, but a real highlight of my week. I never thought I would enjoy waking up at 4:30/4:45 a.m., running at least 3 double-digit runs/week, doing 2 Quality workouts a week (instead of one), but I love the challenge and feel like I’m getting stronger with each workout.
* I also committed to the CrossFit Adventure Challenge with friends, Stephanie Woodruff, Carrie McDonald, and Emily Baker, which was a real jump for me, especially with my Team Rogue commitment. It’s a 7-week challenge with benchmark workouts, body composition, nutrition logging, etc. (More on this to come.)
* I am still resolved to eat clean and stick to my workout schedules to lose another 12 lbs. by May. I am 5 wks. free of my Diet Coke habit.
* My next race is to run the Eugene Marathon on May 2. I haven’t set my exact time goal yet, but it will somewhere around 4 hours, hopefully a 30+ min. PR.
* Be more consistent with my blog, posting at least twice a month.

Now you know what I’ve been up to . . . my excuse for slacking on my blog.

What are your goals for the New Year? : )


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